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Written by : Posted on February 27, 2014 : 1 Comment

When I first sat down to write this post I was in a particularly bad mood. I then proceeded to write a tirade on all the things that shit me to tears. When that was done I realised I had wasted more than an hour breaking my number one 2014 resolution – DON’T WASTE TIME ON THINGS THAT DON’T MATTER!!! So into the bin it went and I started thinking instead about all the things that do matter.

I think Charlotte Dawson’s death was an eye opener for many people. I obviously didn’t know her, and can’t recall ever having seen her on TV in anything, given I don’t really watch much these days. I assumed though, that she had a pretty good life – she’s obviously very beautiful, and it looked like she had a pretty good lifestyle – one that many people would aspire to. But apparently the grass isn’t always greener and it really made me reflect on what constitutes a good (or successful) life.

I’ll be perfectly honest here. I don’t make a heap of money, I don’t live in a flash house and my car (although I do love it) has seen better days. There are plenty of days when I think my life sucks and that if only I was more beautiful and had more money then life would be so much better. But you know what, this is the life I’m living; I’ve chosen the path I’m on and it’s actually not too bad if I stop and think about it. This year I’m trying to simplify my life and spend more time on the things that really matter and discard the things that don’t (although I am struggling to give up Candy Crush :) )

I have a family that loves me and my boys are amazing. I know they’re teenagers and they’re meant to be all hard work (and god knows I could tell you some of the annoying things they do, except I’m trying to be positive). The truth is, though, that most of the time, they’re both really good boys. They work hard at school, they train hard in lots of extra-curricular activities, and they’re polite to family and friends. I drop them to school and they give me a kiss goodbye and tell me “Have a good day Mum”. I pick them up and the first thing they ask is “How was your day Mum?” (Needless to say, this is quickly followed with “What’s for dinner?”) I know that doesn’t seem like much but there are plenty of people who can’t even get their kids to acknowledge them, let alone care how their day was.

I look around and see lots of people with nicer houses and cars, who are taking more holidays than we are and sometimes (okay, lots of times) I think “Gee, that would be nice”. But I’m starting to wonder whether maybe those things aren’t really what matters. Maybe family and relationships are what matters the most? We’ve got two teenage boys who are growing up to be good young men. If my tombstone says nothing other than “Raised two good men” I’ll be more than happy with that! Not a bad life at all!!!

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