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Things I learnt over the holidays – random mutterings of a mother at the end of school holidays

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You can never, ever shop too many times when you have teenage boys in the house.

You will never have enough food in the house, even if you have shopped within the last two hours.

And still on the food theme, no matter how much you bake, it will be gone within a few hours.

No matter how many final calls you make for the washing machine, something will always magically appear on the laundry floor just minutes after the door lock engages on the front loader.

Wet boardies and rashies will dry if you leave them on the ground. Actually I’m not convinced about this one, but the boys are adamant it works. I guess eventually they probably would?

Cleaning during the school holidays is, at best, a waste of time; at worst, it’s sheer stupidity.

I worked out that there is such a thing as too much “together time”. Especially when your husband is also at home at the same time as the boys.

There is never enough “good” surf in the holidays (it’s apparently only ever good when they’re at school). I admit this one bothers me a bit too – happy surfers maketh a happy home! Not to mention a quieter home when they’re in the surf 😉

School holidays fun in the sun

School holidays fun in the sun

You can never give lifts to your boys too many times. Mohr family taxi…at your service!

It doesn’t matter where in the house you hide – eventually someone will find you!

I hate making lunches. I thought it was just school lunches but it turns out that it’s pretty much all lunches.

I need time on my own (and/or wine) to stay sane in the holidays.

A trip to the (air-conditioned) supermarket on my own starts to look appealing within the first few days of school holidays. Sad but true.

No one ever wants to talk to you when you’re not busy. But pick up the phone to make a call and suddenly everyone needs to talk to you right now!

There is no sweeter sound than the gate shutting when all three of them are on their way out the door. :)

How about you? Learn anything new these holidays???



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