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Things come in three’s

Written by : Posted on March 25, 2013 : No Comments

So, another exhausting weekend is over, thankfully and fingers are crossed for some fine weather and not so much sport over the Easter break.

The weekend just gone started off on the wrong foot when Son #2 came home on Friday afternoon to report he had left his new (expensive) rashie at school surfing and wasn’t sure where it was. Great, can’t wait to rush out and buy another one of those.

Son #1 realised on Saturday that he, too, had left his rashie at school surfing earlier in the week – so now we’re 0 from 2 in the rashie department. What’s the third thing we’re going to lose this weekend?

Oh, I know, let’s make it the front tooth of Son #1. Snapped off the cap that he’s had for the last few years following a cricket match injury. So now he looks like a complete bogan and all he wanted to do was rush to post a picture on FB. And how, you may ask, did he do this latest injury? Well it wasn’t during one of the six games of OzTag he played over the weekend or the trial rugby game. No… it was eating a Redskin with his front teeth like all the smart people do.

Now we have a face that even a mother is struggling to love 😉

the smile


What have your boys lost lately?


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