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The good, the bad and the ugly of Year 12

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Hello all, sorry it’s been way too long since I’ve written but life got in the way and the next time I looked up, a year had almost passed…Anyhoo, we’re a quarter of the way through Year 12, we’re on the home stretch and it seems like a good idea to take stock of where we’re at, and how we’re surviving.

The Good of Year 12

  • In an ideal world, this will be the year I go from being the taxi driver to being the chauffeur-driven passenger. Or, at the very least, he might at least get himself and his brother to training so we don’t have to :) That will be pretty cool.
  • We’ve had one formal already, with one to go and I have to say, I’m feeling very blessed at this point to only have boys (the dress, the shoes, the bag, the jewellery, the hair, the makeup, the eyelashes, the nails, the spraytan…holy shit it’s the equivalent of an overseas holiday for some of these young ladies – to their poor, poor parents, I feel for you).
  • Watching that dawning realisation that they’re getting very close to being let out on the loose to find their own way in the world. An exciting time for them all (but probably a little scary too).
  • Spending one last year together with your best mates and just enjoying it while it lasts because you’re all heading different ways next year.

The Bad of Year 12

  • Having to make (what feels like) life decisions at the age of 16/17 when we oldies know how many times they will probably change their mind over the next 10 years – or if they’re anything like me, they will probably still be questioning those career choices 25 years after leaving school.
  • Moodiness / irritability / exhaustion – just the usual teenage behaviour but magnified 100 times, especially around assessment due dates and exams. Thinking they’re the only one in the shit because they won’t ask anyone else how they’re coping with the pressure.
  • Spending one last year together with their best mates and just enjoying it while it lasts because you’re all heading different ways next year.

The Ugly of Year 12

  • The pressure to perform well and that godawful OP system that Queenslanders seem to love (how a system so ridiculously subjective can have gone on for this long is beyond me). Having said that, remember there are so many pathways these days for them to get to where they want to go – so please don’t let them stress, it will really, truly be ok – where there’s a will there’s a way, my mother used to say…
  • Schoolies – just the thought of it makes me lose sleep. OK, so we may have let him go all the way to Nepal for 3 weeks on a school trip without a worry (much, OK a bit), but the thought of letting him go to the Goldy during Schoolies Week, even just for a weekend, and even with a good, sensible group of friends makes me shudder. Please, please, please let them be safe and make good choices – or more importantly, please keep the lunatics away from them.
  • Letting go. How can someone so young, so little, who used to hold my hand and climb onto my lap to give me cuddles suddenly be so big, so handsome, so capable and so ready to leave home. Of course I’m super excited for him and I know he’s going to knock the socks off it, but I’m a little bit (lot) sad too. And we’re not even there yet, god help me; let’s just hope I can hold it together until he’s safely out the door :)
Where did the time go?

Where did the time go? (and I’m wearing heels)


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