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Hi fellow MOBs

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Hi all you fellow MOBs! Mothers of Boys, that is! GOBs are welcome too (Grannies of Boys) and really anyone else with the slightest interest in the raising of boys.

I have been truly blessed 😉 with two beautiful (actually I’m probably not allowed to call them beautiful – note to self, try really hard to be cool, they’re probably going to read this) handsome boys with big guns. As we rush headlong into the teenage years I often think of that old saying – when boys reach the age of 12 we should bury them and then dig them up again at 21!! Only kidding (mostly)…

On the plus side, we don’t spend a lot of time discussing wardrobe options and hairstyles, and they can deal with spiders. They get over things quickly and can laugh at themselves easily and often (but not quite as much as they laugh at us). They eat a lot though, don’t they? And when a pack of them descend on your kitchen it’s best to just step away and brace yourself for the damage.

mossy is a little project that the boys and I came up with one school holidays and now we’re finally putting it into action. They think we’ll be bigger than Quiksilver – not so sure about that, but you’ve got to love that eternal optimism – if only we could bottle it, and hold onto it forever.

MOB blog is a world for MOBs, GOBs and others where we can solve the problems of the world, one at a time. WELCOME !!!



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