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Birthday season’s over, school hols are over, and the house is quiet again…

Written by : Posted on April 22, 2013 : 3 Comments

Ahhhh, how’s the serenity? Is there anything quite like that feeling on Day 1 of a new school term when quietness descends on your house again? No one asking you something, talking at you, changing clothes yet again, asking you for money / lifts / food. The prospect of being able to keep your house tidy for more than 10 minutes max? I LOVE it…Nothing puts a smile on my dial quite like Day 1.

At the start of the holidays all I can think about is how good it is to not have to make school lunches, get the boys up early or wash and iron uniforms. By the end of two weeks though, those things seem like the smallest price to pay for an hour to myself :) And of course, there is always the rain (apparently it rains every school holidays here just to spite my sons). And to be honest, it does seem to do that quite often – and the sunshine we’ve had ever since school went back, doesn’t really help…

some sun at last

Oh, and we’ve had birthdays as well. Son #2 turned 12 just before the school holidays. Things has been frantic towards the end of term 1 so I suggested we hold off until the holidays to celebrate with his friends. It occurred to me that we could then combine his party with Son #1’s 15th party – thereby limiting the number of times we would have to sing Happy Birthday and entertain teenage boys en masse. A clever plan I thought! But then the rain set in and we started to run out of holiday days. Eventually we decided to proceed despite the weather – they were going surfing so they’re going to get wet anyway right? Phone calls were made, emails sent and we were good to go. What could possibly go wrong?

A shark can go wrong, that’s what!!! I’m the first person to admit that I have an irrational fear of sharks and just watching the boys surfing out the back makes me feel quite unwell at times. So when we heard a shark had been brought ashore on Noosa beach the morning of our “do” at same said beach, I couldn’t believe it. Obviously that shark was no longer a threat as it promptly died out of water – what I was more concerned about was the reported 3m bull shark that had apparently accompanied sick shark on its journey. Now I know that you’re all probably thinking “Yeah but when was the last time that someone got taken by a shark at Noosa beach?” I know, I know… but sorry, that doesn’t help. Where do you think that guy is right now? Still out there somewhere I’m guessing. And guess where we’re off to this weekend – a 1km ocean swim at Noosa beach :(

So I need your help. What (believable) excuse can I use to get out of this swim??? Help a sister in need please :)




  1. Cecily Humr on said:

    Yes, good to see them back at school. Not sure I can shed any light in raising boys!! Each day at a time I say. No. 1 – 15yrs away first week of holidays. Missed him. Didn’t take long to get used to him being back. A birthday for him and some Mossy presents. He was very happy!! No. 2 – 11 yrs now in Longreach missing him now. But I’m sure it won’t take long I’m when he’s back for it all to begin again. Cheers Xx

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