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The 7 best things about teaching your 16 year old to drive

Written by : Posted on June 16, 2014 : 3 Comments
  1. It is excellent for weight loss. Not sure if that’s due to the nausea just before, during and after the learner driving adventure, or the related stress levels? I’m struggling to even keep down that first wine afterwards…
  2. If all goes well, we’re only 12 months (and 100 hours) away from recouping 16 years worth of lifts. In hindsight, I should have been keeping a logbook, particularly for the last few years but I think it’s safe to say we’re good for even a few pickups after a big night out. (Bearing in mind our big nights out wouldn’t even require him having to wait up for us! )
  3. It’s 100 hours that they have to sit there and listen to you. What better way to get a captive audience? So many things to say, so little time. Where to begin? “Did I ever tell you about the time…” Good times for all.
  4. You get to check how good the tread is on your tyres when you’re hurtling around roundabouts and corners at break neck speed. Admittedly, not so good if we have to keep replacing them but at least we’ll know they’re new!!
  5. It’s the easiest way to shut Mr 13 up. Stick him in the back seat when Mr 16 is driving and for once, he’s completely silent :) I think the last time he was quiet in the car was either before he could talk or perhaps when he was asleep (but even that’s not a given).
  6. It provides all the thrills of a theme park ride without the queues and cost. We’re talking speed humps taken at 30kmh for the up and down motion of a rollercoaster, roundabouts for the side to side slide and parking in a crowded shopping centre for a general all-round thrill.
  7. You get to clench your butt muscles every time you go round a corner – and that has to be good for something! I’ve got finger nails clamped down on the arm rest and digging a hole into the door lining, my right foot trying to push its way through the floor in lieu of a brake and a slightly raised screeching sound coming out of my mouth on the odd occasion. I’m using muscles I didn’t even know I had – without a gym, and without the cost. Happy days all round.
Our first attempt at parking - definitely takes after his mother!!

Our first attempt at parking – definitely takes after his mother!!



  1. Sharon Bryant on said:

    I’m hearing ya sister!!! , Not to mention the distraction of a “Hot Chick” walking along the side of the road to add to the fun!!!. Road ? What Road ? ??

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